The Noise takes its musical influences from the over crowded and extremely loud streets of New York City. Although one hears influences of all the members’ past bands, this self tittled release carves a world of original, provocative and multicultural music best described as Post Punk, Noise, and cut throat Hard Rock. The Noise conjures up memories of many of their for fathers, The Ramones The MC5,The Clash or Iggy Pop and Suicide. The record includes contributions by the great Billy Ficca ( Television ) and Eric Miles Levy ( Orgy, Lit ). Art creations and branding by KIKi MILES and the world renowned, NYC street artist De La Vega. Cover Design by Brian Goss.

Vocals- Arthur King (aka “Googy” aka “Bliss”). Began his musical journey as one of the founding members of The Misfits (Walk Among Us, Evilive and 3 Hits From Hell.)

Guitars – Brian Goss – guitar and voice of the legendary NYC band and CBGB’s Records and Another Planet recording artist Dripping Goss as well The Iconic Warzone.

Bass – George Musa – a staple of the NYC music scene and Lower East Side patriot. Founding member of Hell’s Kitchen NYC, Larva, NYC drum and Bass, and many many others..

Drums- Dave Blackshire – the multi talented, drummer, gtr player singer of
Joker 5 speed and many other quintessential NYC bands Dave spent 10 years as manager of the Underground East Village hot spot Lit Lounge. If you know Lit you know why we mention this.

“The Noise” is diverse, unique and powerful. With songs like “East of First “ “Leave my City Alone both true punk anthems, they conger up the lower east side of yesteryear’s. Their first self tittled release The Noise dives into New York City Noise-street- Psychedelic-prog explosions with songs like Savior at Night”, “Climb Out”. Garage tracks like Talk with your hands”  and “Ego” are infectious with hints of Iggy and The Stooges, The Jam and The Who..
No wave street Punk and soul, modern and cutthroat is what comes to mind as you absorb this record. Lyrically, The Noise pulls us out a world of injustice and systematically imposed cast systems and empowers us to become free thinkers. Visually branded by Brian Goss, KiKI Miles and De La Vega, they expose us to the world of music, art, film and poetry that is still alive and well in the Lower East Side of New York.

“Although these neighborhoods fell to gentrification and are over run by resident tourists, there are now more live music clubs, and street art here, than ever before. “We know, we’ve been here.”

The Noise